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Divine Designs Associate Program

Divine Designs Salon & Spa serves over 800 guests per week and is first and foremost an educational based Salon & Spa built on the Summit Salon® model.  We work closely with top trade schools to help foster their new graduates into becoming a professional artist in their chosen field.   Each of our team members have an educational philosophy with a team mentality. There is no “I” in this operation, it is only “we” that strive together to ensure that each guest receives exemplary "Five-Star" service.  All of our employment positions require you to work flexible hours, including holidays, evenings and weekends, to accommodate our retail guests and require you to adhere to a very strict process and rule environment in order to deliver our consistently superb customer service uniformly.  Additionally, AFTER an initial 90-Day Probationary Employment & Training Period, if you are successfully placed as a regular member of our staff, you will be required to adhere to a non-compete and non-solicit agreement which prohibits you from soliciting or servicing guests that we have provided or referred to you during your employment with us if you leave your employment with us for any reason.  If you're looking for a stable, long-term and profitable career in this industry, Divine Designs provides you with the ideal opportunity as a service professional, but if your goal is to "build your book" or garner experience at our expense and move on, we recommend you look elsewhere for employment.  We are an equal opportunity employer and offer qualified employees a 401(k) retirement plan.   Please do not contact us by phone.  Our lines are at full capacity managing reservations and in order to ensure our client calls take priority, please complete our online employment application and attach or send your resume to us via email.
Our Cosmetology Associate Program generally takes up to nine months to complete but can be completed faster based on your skill level and ability to learn our processes.  It consists of four levels:
ASSOCIATE LEVEL 1: teaches you to know your product, guest reservation procedures, simple waxing, proper drying and shaping, proper color application and special event styling
ASSOCIATE LEVEL 2: includes basic and advanced color application and corrective color processes
ASSOCIATE LEVEL 3: includes learning how to texture and provide volume to hair
ASSOCIATE LEVEL 4: includes refining your cutting, coloring and special event styling techniques and learning our Divine Guest Service processes for ensuring communication and consultations are properly provided
Associates are assigned to a Level 2, Level 3 or Level 4 Service Professional who acts as a Mentor and who provides you with direction, instruction and duties daily.  This includes guest preparation, scheduling, reports, goals processing, homework when assigned, and any other process or duty that training involves.  This is a paid Practical Training Program for your career and will include, but is not limited to, the following duties as part of your daily regimen.
Facilities Tours
Shampooing Guests
Completing Guest Forms
Database Entry

Creating & Confirming Reservations

Proper Etiquette for Checking In and Checking Out Guests

Laundry & Housekeeping

Inventory Counts
Attending Educational Seminars provided by Divine Designs
Studying for your ultimate goal of serving our guests
So, if you are considering becoming a Service Professional in our industry and you’re in the top 5% of performers in your class, we welcome you to apply to Divine Designs Salon & Spa by sending us your resume along with a recommendation letter from your School's placement counselor or educator to start on your path to personal success.

This is a hourly wage Practical Training position which will require you to work flexible hours, including weekends and holidays, to accommodate our retail guests.

Ready to Apply for a position?  Complete our online Employment Application here or download the form for completion

Divine Designs Salon & Spa is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against applicants for race, religion, color, sex, age, or national origin.  It is our policy to select the best qualified individual without regard to race, color, gender, age, national origin or handicap (if qualified) and offers qualified employees a  401(k) retirement plan.   Please do not contact us by phone.  Our lines are at full capacity managing reservations and in order to ensure our client calls take priority, please use our online application form or send your resume via email only to managers (at) in either PDF or plain-text format.​

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