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Divine Designs: Five-Star Beauty Destination and Best Salon in Brandon

Beautifully defined eyebrows are a widely shared obsession and eyebrow shaping has become an essential part of a beauty routine. At Divine Designs Salon & Spa, we understand the obsession- because we feel it, too. That is why we offer eyebrow services, including waxing and threading.


Voted the US Commerce Association’s Best Salon Brandon, FL for several years now, our staff is dedicated to giving your eyebrows the look you desire. Instead of plucking, let our professionals care for your eyebrows. For those of you who are unfamiliar with waxing and threading, let us explain.


Both procedures are designed to provide semi-permanent hair removal by pulling the hair from the follicle. And both can be used to shape and define your brows while keeping a natural look. Additionally, unlike plucking with which you remove a hair at a time, both waxing and threading remove multiple hairs at once.


While they can get you the same results, these two methods do it in very different ways. Waxing is the act of spreading a resin over the hairs that need to be removed. The wax cools and is then swiftly removed which takes the hair with it.


Threading, on the other hand, is an ancient technique in which the unwanted eyebrow hairs are trapped in a thread loop. The thread is then pulled and the hairs are removed directly from the follicle. Threading tends to lend more precision to the professional, often resulting in a more defined shape.


When you are ready for a new shape for your eyebrows, don’t take chances. Give the best salon in Brandon a call or book your appointment online!

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