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Thank you for successfully activating your Bonus Dollar Card(s) for use under the following terms & conditions. Please read them carefully to ensure you meet the rules which govern the use of our Bonus Dollar Card(s).

BONUS DOLLAR CARDS can be used towards any regularly priced service in our menu from January 1 through January 31, 2021 but cannot be combined with any other special offer or promotional credits and Bonus Dollar Cards are restricted to one card maximum for every service scheduled.  You may use multiple cards if your reservation is for multiple services up to the number of services per reservation.  Bonus Dollar Card(s) must be surrendered upon checkout to receive the applicable credit towards any single service up to the value of each service or $20 for each Bonus Dollar card, whichever is less. BONUS DOLLAR CARDS cannot be used for retail products or gratuities, have no cash-back privileges, have no cash value and are not redeemable for cash.  Gift Cards and Bonus Dollar Cards are not replaceable if lost or stolen and reproductions are not valid for use. Bonus Dollar Cards are not Gift Cards and expire on January 31, 2021

If you haven't used our intuitive and user-friendly online scheduling system, we encourage you to do so with your next reservation.  This new mobile-friendly online reservation system is available 24/7 to use at your convenience and is available at this link.

We also offer daily (non-advertised) special promotional pricing for many services based on our load factor.  So, if you would like to add or try a new service with your existing reservation, simply ask any one of our concierge members for our daily non-advertised pricing for selected services and, based on availability, you could end up with additional services at a very nominal cost.

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