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Eminence® Organics skin treatment products are made with fresh fruit pulps, plants and exotic spices enriched with minerals and trace elements drawn from a thermal spring.  They’re produced without any heating or hydrogenating processes to retain a high level of nutrient and vitamin content which increases natural potency allowing the products to be absorbed easier by your skin.

Facial Treatments

The Eminence® line of organic products are designed to address a wide variety of skin issues including loss of elasticity, premature wrinkles, sun damaged and acne prone skin without the use of chemical or harsh artificial ingredients.  Highly recommended for our clients that believe in a natural, healthy lifestyle or if you are an expectant mother-to-be.

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Eminence Organics Express Facial (30 mins) from $50

Our Eminence® Organics Express Facial is a thirty minute treatment that introduces a hot-towel compress to open your pores the deep cleanses with a Eminence Professional Exfoliating Cleanser followed by a corrective product masque application based on your skin type and then finished with a hydrating moisturizer. This Express Facial is designed for a deep cleansing between full service skin-repairing treatments.

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Eminence Organics Signature Facial (60 mins) from $75

Our Eminence Organics® Signature Facial is excellent basic facial for all skin types. Your skin is analyzed and your facial is customized by one of our professional Estheticians to meet your skin's specific needs. This treatment includes a deep cleansing, toning and extraction of clogged pores - leaving your skin healthier, smoother and with a noticeable glow. For best results, facials should be repeated every four to six weeks and should be part of your health regimen to maintain a youthful look.

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Eminence Organics Divine Bliss Facial (60 mins) from $125

Our Divine Bliss Facial treatment combines deep cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, soothing massage and deep hydration for your specific skin-type. This treatment combines our Eminence® Signature Facial with a pumpkin-blueberry enzyme peel followed by a vitamin and antioxidant infused masque applied with a relaxing facial massage to de-stress your mind and body - and leaving your skin healthier, smoother and with a noticeable glow. For best results, facials should be repeated every four to six weeks and should be part of your health regimen to maintain a youthful look

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Eminence Organics Age Corrective Ultra Facial (60 mins) from $145

This treatment includes a deep professional cleansing with an exfoliating cleanser then applies a ting Blueberry Enzyme Detox Firming Peel enhanced with peptides. Once your skin has been cleaned and toned, a masque is applied and covered with a warm compress. After the masque has been properly removed, your esthetician determines the best infusing serum for your skin type and condition and allows these serums to be properly absorbed.  The facial is finished with a natural moisturizer that is best suited to allow your skin to bask with a healthy glow while the serums applied help heal and increase collagen production and elasticity to give you a more youthful look.  Please ask your esthetician for a home regiment that includes a sun defending moisturizer between professional visits.

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Eminence Organics Beyond Organic Facia(60 mins) from $150

A fresh take on skin care! The new Biodynamic facial is the first and only certified organic skin treatment from Hungary made with Biodynamic ingredients. Suitable for sensitive skin, this treatment will revitalize and rejuvenate all skin types with the active properties of radish seed, yellow sweet clover and apricot. Skin is refreshed and balanced all while remaining free of parabens and harsh chemicals. Mother Nature would approve.

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Eminence Organics Arctic Berry Peel with Peptides (30 mins) from $80

Keep your skin radiant in-between spa treatments with this innovative three-step peel and peptide system which awakens the skin’s natural inner beauty using an exquisite blend of arctic berries, lingonberry seed oil and hibiscus seed extract.

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