Eyelash Extensions

Full-Set priced from $109*

Divine Spa Eyelash Extensions

BUTTERFLY LASH EXTENSIONS ARE MADE OF synthetic, soft, and lush fibers with a high gloss finish with a wide selection of curls, lengths, thicknesses, colors, and styles customizable to match your ideal look. This revolutionary new service extends your natural eyelashes and draws attention to your eyes.  These semi-permanent eyelash extensions give you longer and thicker eyelashes that look so natural that no one will know they are not yours!

Declared “The Next Best Thing” by celebrities everywhere, Butterfly Lash extensions are waterproof and can last months with proper maintenance to ensure your extensions match your eyelashes’ natural growth cycle.  Semi-permanent eyelash extensions give your eyes a natural lift resulting in a more youthful look without the use of Mascara or any other eye makeup.

The application process on natural, tinted or dyed eyelashes is lengthy but very gentle. One of our Butterfly certified specialists gently and precisely applies each individual extension to your individual natural eyelashes using a mild adhesive during a process that takes approximately two hours.   A proper application should last several months but maintenance is required every 2-4 weeks to match new growth and fill in your initial application.  Early removal has to be by one of our specialists or naturally concurrent with the growth cycle of your eyelashes.


Pricing for Butterfly Lash Solutions Extensions are priced from $109* but require a consultation before your initial service is performed.   So book your complimentary consultation with our Butterfly Lash Extension Specialist today by using our online booking system or call our concierge at (813) 661-3737 to assist you with your reservation.

*Prices are subject to change without notice and is based on the training, experience and certification level of the Service Provider selected to perform your service so be certain to select the provider who offers the price on you're comfortable with.  Generally a lesser-experienced provider will take more time and be priced lower than more experienced service providers who take less time, have more practical application experience and priced higher for this service.

Divine Designs Salon & Spa is committed to offering the most exceptional products for use on your hair and skin. We are rated a Five Star Salon & Spa Destination by New Beauty Magazine, an Eminence Organics® Certified Spa, a PCA® Professional Certified Spa, and a L'Oreal Professionnel® Black Elite® salon. Special offers may not be combined with any other offers.  To continually improve our services to you, menu items and prices may change without notice.  Treatment times are estimates only and include adequate time for preparation.   Photographs on this website or any external links are for illustration purposes only and are not to be considered an exact graphical representation of any service or treatment.   All trademarks are property of their respective owners. ©2020 Divine Designs Salon, Inc.  MM12963

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