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Steam Capsule

Thermal-M Steam Capsule

One quality spa treatment we provide is our Thermal-M steam capsule treatments. We have several treatment options that include different nutrients, each with its own benefit. Prior to beginning treatment, our specialists will discuss any allergies and skin concerns so that the optimal treatment for you will be chosen.


After the relaxing application of ingredients to your skin by one of our professionals, you will be enclosed in the steam capsule. A mixture of steam and a Vichy shower will occur inside the capsule, providing the ultimate privacy for you to relax deeply. The steam and shower increase the number of nutrients that are absorbed into your skin.


The warmth of the steam capsule helps any tension you feel just fall away as you are engulfed in comfort. The Vichy shower helps relax muscles while also boosting immunity as it stimulates lymphatic circulation. Afterward, you should have healthy, hydrated skin and feel completely invigorated- almost like a brand-new person.


Don’t miss out on the incredible benefits of this spa treatment. Our steam capsule not only helps the skin absorb nutrients and hydrate your skin, but it also aids in cellulite reduction and in ridding your body of harmful toxins. The treatments last from 30 minutes to one hour, depending on the spa treatment you choose. They include:


  • Detoxifying Mud Therapy

  • Detoxifying Mud Therapy with Cactus Cloth Exfoliation

  • Exfoliating Paradise Sugar Glow

  • Exfoliating Eminence Organics Berry Scrub

  • Organic Exfoliating Crème Steam

  • And Exfoliating Buffing Scrub for Men


If you have never experienced an exfoliating or detoxifying spa treatment, or you are simply ready for something new, let Divine Designs introduce you to extraordinary with our Thermal-M Steam Capsule. Book your spa treatment online today.

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