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​​Let’s face it.  Cellulite is a skin condition that affects virtually all of us, particularly as we age.  Cellulite is basically the storage of excess fat cells that protrude against and damage your skin, creating a pucker type appearance on our body’s natural fat storage areas – thighs, stomach, & arms.  There is simply no easy solution for the permanent reduction of cellulite except a rigorous diet and exercise regimen.


However, for those of us that have a very busy lifestyle or need an immediate appearance change, we offer therapies that produce immediate, but non-permanent, results of reducing the cellulite in your body’s primary storage areas by liquefying excess fat cells and allowing your body’s natural functions to drain the liquefied cells as normal.​   Once you've achieved an appearance that you’re comfortable with, the results of these therapies may last a few weeks to a few months, depending on your personal lifestyle.  So, it’s very important to use these therapies as a “kick-start” to a permanent solution and schedule your visits with us to help you achieve your goal of permanent cellulite reduction through changes in your lifestyle, including diet and exercise.

Cellulite Reduction


​As with all of our spa treatments, you must inform us if you’re being treated for any injury or illness, if you’re pregnant or planning to have a baby, and of all known allergies, including food allergies, which you may have.  Our treatments may use products that contain natural food or nut based ingredients, organic plant based ingredients, and cosmeceutically produced ingredients.​

​Lumicell® Wave 4 Cellulite-Reduction Treatment
​75-90 min - $150​

This non-invasive treatment uses a unique combination of ultrasonic devices which targets cellulite storage in the most common primary body storage area, your midsection (front and back). The treatment stimulates lymphatic drainage by liquefying stored cellulite and visibly reduces the "orange peel" appearance and dimpling. You’ll notice an immediate improvement in your cellulite-prone areas and the treatment improves circulation, decreases cellulite deposits and helps your body drain fluids and toxins. This primary treatment addresses the midsection storage area(s) with best results achieved with a series of treatments. Additional treatments for areas such as legs, thighs and buttocks are available for a minimal additional cost..

"Slim Me Down!" Body Treatment Package
180 min - $230

Enjoy almost three hours of luxurious pampering designed to get you into bathing suit shape with our “Slim Me Down!” spa package.  Start with our Eminence® Organics Soy-Blueberry Slimming Wrap to detoxify and help your body’s natural slimming process remove stored impurities in your problem areas, then relax with our 50-minute Swedish massage to loosen your muscles and relieve tension and finish your services off with a Professional Cleanse & Style. Book or e-Gift this three hour spa package at a price of $230! As with all of our packages, this package purchase requires a 50% deposit upon confirmation and is subject to our spa package cancellation policy.

Eminence® Organics "Slim Is IN!" Body Treatment Package
120 min - $220

Our “Slim is IN!” Slimming Package combines two Eminence® Organic treatments at one great price.  Start with our Eminence® Organics Herbal Cellulite Reducing Treatment -  a natural compound of Ivy, Paprika, Nettle, Bioflavonoid, Honey and a Bio-complex® compound of antioxidants, vitamins, co-enzyme Q10, and alpha lipoid acid to invigorate, energize, moisturize and boost the natural drainage system of your cellulite storage areas, reduce wrinkles and greatly improve your skin’s health.  Then, enjoy our Eminence® Organics Chocolate Hydrating Wrap, a detoxifying body-wrap which uses a natural chocolate product that cleanses and conditions your skin and assists in the body’s natural slimming process to make your overall body tighter and healthier with a youthful glow. to re-invigorate your skin cells, tone, tighten, and reduce the appearance of varicose veins and wrinkles - leaving your body silky smooth, completely refreshed and looking it's very best.  As with all of our packages, this package purchase requires a 50% deposit upon confirmation and is subject to our spa package cancellation policy.

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