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Service Pricing Update

Divine Designs Salon & Spa
Brandon, Florida

Like every other business in this profession, we have started to see significant price increases from our suppliers who provide us with the premium brand(s) of salon service and spa treatment products used at Divine.

While we have absorbed the normal minimal increases by our suppliers over the last ten years without raising our prices on most services, the significant current increase of between 7% and 15% on most of our products have put us in a position where we simply have no choice but to pass through these price increases in the form of slightly higher pricing for most of our services.

Additionally, Divine serves approximately 700 guests every week and as such, we are more susceptible to supply issues than most salons in our market.


While many salons are now reporting that the availability of color products is becoming an issue with some products completely unavailable for several weeks or longer.


While we have been closely monitoring the reduced availability of some of the products from our L'Oreal Professional primary color line, we are also exploring the possibility of adding additional color lines to supplement the possibility of a supply line disruption.


If we supplement our products with alternative lines, your service professional will provide you with more information as to the use of alternative products if necessary to continue providing services without interruption.


We know that an increase of discretionary personal service pricing is never considered to be good news, but we appreciate you recognizing that the current inflation and supply restricted price increases are simply out of the control of many locally owned small business like ourselves and ALL small businesses including Divine are very appreciative of your continued support.

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