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Hair Redesign

Complete Hair Redesign at Divine Designs Salon & Spa

At Divine Designs Salon & Spa, we have a team of highly trained individuals for all of your hair redesign and hair color needs. We know that a great hairstyle can give you the confidence you need to face anything. That is why we are dedicated to providing you with the best personalized service and the look you desire.


Beautiful hairstyles are taking Instagram and other social media platforms by storm. Among other gorgeous hair color designs, balayage is becoming more and more popular with each shared photo. And it’s easy to see why- it’s absolutely gorgeous!


Balayage is a French word that means “to sweep”. In terms of hair color, this means that a lighter color is painted- or “swept”- into your natural color. Unlike traditional highlights, the hair is not saturated, so it creates a much softer effect. In fact, the purpose of balayage is to make your hair look sun kissed- as if you have been hanging out on the beach and the sun has lightened some wisps of your hair but not all.


As your hair grows, your natural color blends in with the design, making it look even more natural. The different tones of color add dimension to your hair without being obvious. If you love the beach look, balayage is a great hair redesign option for you, but our specialties do not end there.


For a bolder hair color design, you might consider ombre. Ombre is another French word, this time meaning “shadow”. Ombre hair designs begin with a darker shade at your hair’s roots and then move into a contrasting lighter color at the ends. You are likely familiar with the more traditional ombre look which includes dark brown roots and blonde ends. However, any contrasting colors can work to give you a unique look.


No matter if you are looking for soft and subtle or bold, our professionals are skilled and ready to roll. Book your complimentary consultation today to discuss what looks we can do for you.

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